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I take it you'll be hunting from blinds and tree stands most of the time? The SPS tactical is a little heavy for what I'd like in a hunting rifle. However if you aren't going to be hiking much then it will work fine as a double duty rifle.

I think that scope will serve you just fine for your intended useage. However buy the one without the mounts, they will not work with your SPS tactical unless you add a Picatinny rail. That mount is more for flat top AR rifles so the scope height might be wrong as well to get your eye to line up with the scope.

As far as ammo go to your local Walmart, Dicks, or such and buy the cheap 150 grain Winchester power point, Remington Core Lokt, or Federal Fusion soft points and see what shoots best. That is all the bullet you'll ever need for hunting deer, just keep it simple. Just make sure to get a good zero and consistant shot groups of around 1.5" or less before you go hunting and you'll be fine, you can worry about smaller shot groups when you use the match ammo at the range.
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