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It is all about trigger control no matter what system you are shooting. Trigger control is what allows you to shoot any pistol properly. If you spend enough time shooting and dry firing a pistol you can master any and all trigger systems. Does that mean you will "like" all systems equally? NO but it does not mean you cannot shoot all systems with a high degree of competency.

I do not understand why people feel the need to trash the DA/SA trigger or striker fired DAO trigger for that matter. I think that both can serve any shooter well with the right training. If you do not want to train on multiple platforms I can understand that. Resources and time are limited but I believe that if you put in time you can master any trigger system.

I prefer SA hammer fired guns like the BHP & 1911. I cut my teeth shooting DA/SA Sigs. I have learned to shoot Glocks and Kahrs. I still give the SA hammer fired guns the edge in my hand and they are the ones which consistently put smiles on my face while shooting. This does not mean I do not shoot the other well enough to know that if called upon I can defend my life with any gun in the safe including a few S&W DAO revolvers. It is all about familiarity with the individual guns and their individual triggers. No 2 triggers are 100% identical. Each BHP I own has a different trigger pull than the others. The same with my Sigs and the same with my Glocks. No guns are 100% consistent gun to gun.

If you are really interested in mastering a DA/SA trigger I suggest reading this article by Bruce Gray. It a nice read about how to master a DA/SA trigger by dry firing. It emphasizes trigger control and learning to prep the trigger. It is all about visualization releasing and pressing the trigger. It is all about knowing the reset point and learning how to run the trigger at speed without jerking it. The best part is it is FREE!!!!! it takes time but no resources, assuming you already have a DA/SA gun.
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