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Wilson's primary customers are large rifle manufacturers and those who sell self branded rifle barrels. Many top quality riflemakers use Wilson barrels and they are considered to be high quality. Realize that Wilson fills barrel orders based on specs provided to them by the customer. So while the base blank and material are certainly Wilson's, the design is probably not theirs. The customer can also order those barrels in various steps in the manufacturing process: Short chambered, finished reamed, lapped, polished, contoured or not, threaded or not, etc.

There are only a handful of barrel makers in the US...there are a lot of brands and most of those brands start with a Wilson barrel.

Wilson Combat and Wilson Defense are NOT Wilson Arms.

I sometimes have a personal chuckle when two guys are arguing accuracy potential of two different barrels, knowing that those two barrels were made on the same Wilson machinery and just stamped with different names.
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