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I remember reading an article in G&A written a couple of decades ago about the proper use of a DA/SA (or Traditional Double-Action/TDA) autos. The author stated that the DA shot is for situations when you have to draw & fire quickly at a close-range target. If you have more time to draw, you should draw, cock the hammer, and keep your finger off the trigger until you need to make a precise shot. After the threat is over, decock & holster. That approach made a lot of sense to me when I owned a SIG 220 & a Ruger P95.....but I don't own a TDA auto now (XD9sc & revolvers).
Thats the way I look at it as well. Same with a double action revolver.
I have rather long and strong thumbs and index fingers, so I've never had a problem in cocking the hammer of any auto-loader so far. Others with smaller hands may have a problem.

Theoretically a DAO auto-pistol sounds fine to me, I just haven't seen one I like so far or I'd buy one.
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