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Maybe its more about when a seasoned shooter young or old finds a solid revolver they keep it. Seems like many people that are newer to handguns or the younger generation don't like a revolvers trigger pull and sell off the new revolvers they. They also tend to be of a group that buys any firearm more on impulse. Got to have the newest and lastest new toy, when it should be looked at more as a tool.

Theres nothing I see special about ether revolvers or semi's except theres 4 times as many semi-autos to pick from and more used for sale . Seems around my regional or state forums and papers that allow firearm sales people try sell for what a good lgs sells for new +. Most of the revolvers I see for sale seem to be ether inherited firearms by people that don't care about them or year old or less by newer shooters that deside they hate the triggers. Not many seasoned shooters buy them then sell there revolvers.

I live in a market that has a couple FL's that sell for 10% over there cost and people tend to keep what they buy. So when a read firearms for sale treads or news paper adds seem high priced across the board.

The only firearm vise i have are dan wesson revolvers. There getting to be harder to find as those darn DW revolvers guys tend to keep them.
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