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The ideal of the gas gun, or M21 sniper rifle was, you could take off your scope and have a battle rifle.

It worked quite well. You carried your scope (ART Leatherwood) in a container in your ruck. You humped with a M14.

When it comes time to use your M14 in the M21 configuration, you simple mounted the scope, and slipped on the check pad. Took a half a second. Not you got your cheek weld.

But the cheek pay with irons doesn't work.

The Army used a simple heavy sponge type material sewed in a light canvas material, with an elastic band to hold it on the stock. Easy one - easy off.

The Laced on check pads as used on the M1C/D doesn't give you that option.

Kind of hard to see, but I'm using the above described cheek pad on my M21 at the Benning School for Boys (AMU) Sniper School.

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