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Semi autos are always going to be prefered as a self defence tool for LE and the general public but the revolver has its place with the sportsman and true gun aficionado. Quality never goes out of style and with the plethora of plastic guns, a good high quality revolver is extremely satisfying. They tend to have more personality and you can love and grow attached to a good high quality revolver like a good automatic watch. I will carry a gun even though its not the optimal choice if I like it and shoot it well. I was just looking at a few used 686 an their prices were strong in Central Pa. A super clean 1980's 686 with 8 3/8" barrel was going for $575.00. I just bought another 629 but if the 686 is still there after Christmas, I may buy it because it NEEDS a good home.
The revolver market is a bit slow only because of the political climate and the race to own a high capacity automatic. Guys like me that have a arsenal of pistols are not influenced by trends because we have multiples of everything. There is enough of us that are always looking for QUALITY handguns. Dont give your 686 away, for that matter don't sell it.

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