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My LNL AP had to be replaced. When the press arrived the plastic bracket the holds the primer cam rod (that controls the primer slide travel) was broken and the cam rod was bent. I didn't know enough about the press to recognize that the rod was bent and that caused no end of problems and many phone calls to CS. The rod would also move a little which shortened the travel of the primer slide and it would not pick up a primer. Hornady finally sent me a new cam rod and that issue was resolved. By this time I was on a first name basis with all the CS reps.

A minor issue was the grease zerks. The first time I put grease in the machine two of the three zerks came out when I pulled the grease gun fitting off. That was an easy fix after Hornady sent new zerks, but it did not give me a warm fuzzy feeling.

The killer issue was adjustment of the shell holder plate. It would not maintain adjustment. The cases would hit the side of the sizing die or not line up with the primer seating punch or both. I could adjust the pawls so everything lined correctly then 5 or 10 strokes later it would be out of adjustment again. It was very frustrating and time consuming to stop and check or adjust the shell holder plate on every stroke. It also resulted in cases not being primed and powder would spill out and get all over the plate and floor. That meant I had to stop, remove the cases, remove the shell holder plate, clean up the spilled powder, then reinstall the plate and start over. The only way I could load rounds was one case at a time. I had to guide it into the sizing die then remove it after priming to see if a primer had really been seated. CS walked me though the pawl adjustment procedure on the phone twice, but it would not stay adjusted.

Hornady sent me new pawls, pawl springs, and adjusting screws, but none of that helped. Hornady finally sent me a prepaid UPS label and I returned the press. Last week I received notice that they were sending me a new one. It is not here yet, but I'm anxious to see if everything works this time.

The Hornady CS was very good. I had no hassles with anything, and the parts they sent arrived in about 2 days. So I give them good marks on that score.
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