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The Glock fanboys are back! do you think the inventor of the internet envisioned his creation would be used to spew opinion as fact? The internet has created a place for mall ninjas to come together. look at some of the morons on youtube if you don't believe me.

Here's the thing. a DA/SA firearm is slightly less accurate because of the longer trigger pull on the first shot. You think the person you just shot is going to care about your grouping? And basing your marksmanship in a self defense shooting on your scores at the range is a waste of time anyway. You're NOT gonna be double tapping to the heart if you are being robbed. Shooting at steel plates? How big are they? 8 inches? a hit is a hit, even if there is an 8 inch spread.

Now let's talk about the BENEFITS of a DA/SA gun. FAR LESS chance of an negligent discharge. I know I'm about to get the "My safety is between my ears" and "Keep your finger off the trigger and the gun won't fire" comments, but you can save yourself the trouble of typing because it's all BS. People DO make mistakes, and they are far more likely to happen with a 5 pound trigger on a hammerless, no manual safety firearm. The NYPD is one of the few departments that authorized three different weapons. A Glock 19, SIG 226 (DAO) and S&W 5946 (DAO). During training, the range officer would issue the command "thumb on the hammer and holster". Can't do that with a Glock. At the time of my retirement, there was NOT ONE report of a ND or AD with the SIG or Smith. ALL of them were Glocks.
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