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Gun shows have there place

I think the more guns you get the more you will come to appreciate the gun show . I'm in southern California and there are few gun stores here . Don't get me wrong there around and you are able to get the basics no problem . The gun shows tend to have ten times more products to look at and parts galore for guns your LGS is not going to have . Like you said about the sights . They had some there but not the ones for your gun . At least you got to see them up close and see if there what your looking for . I do this alot when it comes to products I'm looking to by online . There has been many time I thought I wanted something I found online. When I got a chance to get a closer look at it at the gun show I found it to be poor quality and not worth any amount of money . The oppisite has happened as well .I would check something out that I always thought would be garbage and it turned out to be good quality . Optics , rails , cases , grips etc these are all things that are nice to feel and check out the quality up close and the gun show is where you can do it .

I do agree If your going there to only save money you will likely be disappointed. The other thing I noticed was how little most merchants are willing to haggle . I can't tell you how many times I was ready to drop some real coin but they would not budge on anything . The private sellers tend to be a little more giving .
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