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Also, bear in mind that while certainly an issue that should be considered, overpenetration is not nearly the bogeyman it has been hyped up to be. Many police departments beat the drum long and hard about overpenetration in order to justify the use of then-politically-incorrect hollowpoint ammunition. The NYPD is a prime example of this as they finally got to carry JHP bullets in 1998 by tabulating the number of officers shot with overpenetrating FMJ bullets fired by their partners. Most of the documented cases of peopole being injured or killed by overpenetrating bullets that I've come across either involved non-expanding bullets like FMJ or LRN or very dated JHP bullets which failed to expand and thus acted like FMJ. Finally, as has already been mentioned, the bullets sailing through the air unimpeded because they missed their intended target all together are far more dangerous than one which penetrates through and through. ]
Incorrect. The NYPD went to the hollow points in 1998 because of the shooting of Amadou Diallo by Street Crime officers in 1997. At the time, the NYPD carried 115 grain fmj rounds, but officers assigned to Transit or Housing got hollow points because they worked in a " concrete rich environment" and hollow points riccochet less. Diallo was fired at 41 times (4 cops shooting) while standing in a brick vestibule. he was hit 19 times, but only two rounds were fatal, and neither one was instantly fatal. Several of the rounds passed through Diallo, hitting the brick and coming BACK at the cops, who believed they were under fire (Diallo reached for his wallet in a dark vestibule and one of the cops yelled GUN)
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