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We've used the Remington CL 100 gr and the Nosler Partition.......both work but I will admit that if bone, hard bone like a leg ( not just shoulder plate ) is hit the CL deforms more.

This one was taken with the Remington. Bullet cliped the left leg and one rib and ended up just under the skin on the oposite side. I did not weigh it but it was in one piece and about double, maybe more, in size from expansion.

While I'll admit that I personally like my bullet to pass through ( My .35 Rem almost always does.......but then unless he is close and a proper shot I don't bother shooting. ) I will also say that she has shot a bunch of hogs, which are not really harder to kill just maybe a little more sturdy if they are big, and bullet failure has not been a problem.

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