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OK. So--your bolt won't close, and you have traced the cause to your action screws? In other words, the bolt is binding on the forward screw?

If so--STOP.

Remove BOTH screws and compare the length. One screw should be shorter than the other. If this is the case, put the shorter one in the front, reassemble and try it again. If the rifle proves, you've solved the problem.

If the problem is NOT solved, then you should call Remington and describe the problem. They'll probably send you some proper screws, with some guidance on re-assembly.

NOTE: The regular Remington torque values for stock screws is 10-15 inch pounds--but there are some Remington rifles that carry a torque value of as much as 45 inch pounds. Consult Remington for the proper specs for your rifle.

Hope this helps!
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