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I messed with them but not recently. I bought the rifle new a couple months ago. I upgraded the trigger guard to the one made for it by HS precision so I have a 10 round magazine. When I finally took it out for the first time, the bolt would not close and I backed out those screws and reassembled and it worked, it was in the field so no torque wrench or anything just by hand, dunno if that matters. Secondly, I havent used it since that day and it was only 12 rounds. I put through it. I cleaned it and oiled very well as I do to all my guns and put it away in its pelican case.

Recently, I decided to reload for it. I resized some brass and checked for length and picked one that was at 2.005" long. I loaded up a "dummy" round with no primer or powder to make sure everything was ok. I set the depth to 2.800 as recommended and it would close. I gradually sat the projectile further down with no luck, the bolt would still not close. Needless to say though, it chambers the factory ammo very well.. but the bold still closes a little on the tight side.

What do I do to fix this? My goal is to make handloads for this rifle as I like the SK 175gr rounds but dont like paying close to $3.00 per round when I can reload for $0.50 and control the quality better.

Does that help you out of dyou need more information from me to better assist me on this issue?
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