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Falco lt.402 Nylon Holster

I just received a Falco lt.402 holster (, a holster I ordered on 10/31/12. Thought I'd post some thoughts and pictures of the holster for others to reference.

I bought this for my full size Beretta PX4. My options were limited due to my need for a left-handed holster and the limited options built for the PX4 and I was looking for a less expensive option from the Beretta OEM option. From the site it looked like this was more specialized than just a standard nylon holster, as I had to specify the make and model of my gun when adding it to my shopping cart.

Well, when I opened the package and unwrapped the holster, it looked just like a handful of other options I had found and passed over, but it took an inordinate amount of time to actually get (no mention on the site that it was going to be shipped from the Eastern bloc, or that I'd be charged a foreign currency exchange fee, for that matter). On top of that, because I didn't think I'd ever receive the order, I caved and ordered the Beretta PX4 holster (, so I didn't save anything in this endeavor.

The holster is an open muzzle design, covering the entire length of the pistol, and the retaining straps are adjustable or completely removable. They are secured by velcro. Holster is an ambidextrous design and has belt loops on both sides. The fit is definitely tight, but I don't know if it's a custom fit for this specific model pistol.

I'm going to give this holster a try at my range's pistol league this week, which occurs a day before I am to receive my holster from Beretta, so we'll see how it goes. I tried it out today and it seemed ok, but this is my first holster, so I don't have a lot of experience. It's definitely slower to reholster the gun as it's not a molded design, but that's probably to be expected.

Overall, the build quality appears more than decent, but it's ridiculous that the order takes so long when it was stated on the site that it did not have to be custom made. I'd say there are definitely better options out there; I wouldn't recommend buying from Falco since there doesn't appear to be anything special to warrant them over other options.

Here are some images of the holster with the pistol:

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