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.308 Reloading Question/Help...

Just a precursor... Ive been reloading several different calibers successfully. The only rifle round I reload is .223 and I am very proficient with those as well. That being said, I have a hunger to learn more calibers and different techniques. Therefore, I cll on those that know what they are doing to help me figure out what I am doing wrong here with .308 Winchester. Btw, Im using a Dillon 550.

I am reloading for my Remington 700 SS R5 MilSpec. Im making a dummy round (No Primer or Powder), as I do with all of my caliber ammo. Im wanting to load with the Sierra Match King 175gr HPBT Projectile. The issue I am having is that I cannot get the bolt to fully close after making a round t0 2.800 OAL. I my factory loaded ammo that cycles fine in this rifle and it cycles fine, its seated at 2.788. Therefore, I proceed to slowly seat the projectile deeper by .001 and nothing, I take it as far as 2.775 with no success. I cannot figure this out, it makes no sense to me. I finally decided to put everything away for the evening and tackle this another day, hopefully with knowledge from you guys that know what youre doing.

I had this issue occur in the field a while back when I changed the trigger guard to a 10rd magazine, the bolt would be almost completely closed but it wasnt, I unscrewed the trigger guard and screwed it back in slowly tightening down until everything worked fine and closed fully and the rifle worked, it was not fun to do in the field but i had to think fast then. I cant imagine thats what needs to be done here but I just thought id throw that tid bit in for good measure.

I hope im not confusing anyone here, but I can really use some help here as Im currently stuck right now and was looking forward to getting some trigger time and work up a good load in the process... This Sux!!

Thank You for reading and offering your thoughts.
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