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Well I went out and shot a pack of these this morning after an early lunch of thanksgiving reheats. Ahead of 80gr of FF pyrodex they group well, and shot clean. I will say while I could easily dispatch a whole bag of bad oranges at random distance from 15-70 yards, without effort as fast as I could reload.....I really did not find them to load easy, pretty irritating at times really. Not like the smooth and easy loading power belts and maxi hunters.

Power wise....the last one I fired for the day, at the longest distance I can squeeze out of my range (about 73 yards) hit home dead center of the target and made a caverness, downright explosive hole in the tree stump the target was attached to.

While pretty good at $0.39 each...I'll be sticking to the 295gr PB areo tips for anything serious.

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