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More Than A Supply and Demand Issue

Given the limited number of responses, there are a wide range of opinions here. We have a post pointing out the popularity of the 7mm-08, which according to much of what I have read is very much the case. We have a post attributing it to an economy of scale thing, which implies lower demand. We also got a free lecture on economics and capitalism. Unfortunately, supply and demand theory does not always work as advertised. I think we all know that gas prices are a good example of market manipulation that frequently reacts to influences other than supply and demand. When I see a box of 7mm-08 Remington Core Lokt going for as much as 50% more than the same ammo in 30-06 I think something is out of line. Keep in mind that 30-06 requires considerably more brass, powder and lead. I don’t contend to know what all of the causes are for the price difference, but given the popularity of the 7mm-08, I just can’t write it all off to supply and demand.
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