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Peetza said: "Indeed, and that's exactly my point. I never said you'd have to explicitly say you're accepting donations from every group, you just DO. Being neutral means keeping your mouth shut."

That requires every participant in a debate to ask to be accepted, and if only one side asks and gets accepted, then you've pinned yourself to their premise even though your intent was to appear to be not taking a side.

"You are arguing the exact opposite, that specifically excluding certain groups is somehow neutral."

'Certain groups' includes the group of all the sides of the gun debate, "guns" being the group. In the case of the WWP since they've never aligned themselves with anti-gun organizations like the Brady Bunch it's reasonable to conclude that they aren't anti-gun either.

"Taking donations from any group is not "taking all positions", it is taking NO positions."

Taking donations from all groups is not the only way to take no position. Taking donations from NO groups has the same effect. But taking NO donations from anyone in a group is the most expedient and practical and the easiest to effect. If rejection is the heartburn here, then Maalox and not argument is the answer.

"WWP does not co-brand, create cause marketing campaigns or receive a percentage or a portion of proceeds from companies in which the product or message is sexual, political or religious in nature, or from alcohol or firearms companies.
By your own words, that is NOT neutral!"

Yes it is. As regards guns, they take no proceeds from any side of the gun debate, not pro or anti as has been said here about a million times, and that makes them neutral as regards guns. What would you have them do that's reasonable that would convince you that they were neutral about guns? Or is being neutral the same as being anti to you?

My mind is quite open, thank you. ..... Once those facts are considered and a choice has been made it's not time to be "open minded" anymore

'Open minded' is not time- or event-dependent, it requires hanging to that all the time. Keeping one's mind open to new info, to new arguments, to a different look at an issue and not clinging to a conclusion when it's been shown to be flawed is called "critical thinking".
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