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For me the free (well not really, you pay shipping) bullets were gravy. I got bullets for buying the press and more for buying Hornady dies. They are sitting on top of my reloading cabinet as we speak.

I agree with the sentiment that a small price difference or free bullets should not be the deciding factor in which press to buy.

With that said, the LNL-AP is a good choice. The best for everyone? No.

You have to make your own decision as to whether a powder check/cop/lockout die is a wise purchase. I recommend it. The first time my RCBS Lockout Die "activated" it was because a .357 case got mixed into the .38 Special cases I was loading. I was sold at that point.

Same thing with casefeeders or bullet feeders. The casefeeder was a relatively pricey addition to the Hornady press but it has improved my productivity.
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