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Alright, after having done some research, I've settled on the RIA 1911 .22. I haven't liked the reports I've received from other guns like the GSG or the Colt/Umarex.
Can't "directly" speak to the Colt/Umarex but one of the fellow posters on here really likes his (search for it). I can, however, speak first-hand concerning the GSG 1911-22. I have not had a single problem (granted I use nothing other than HV ammo). I considered the M&P, Ruger SR and others but decided on the 1911 platform which IMO GSG has nailed dead-on.

That said, if money were no object I would have prefereed an "all-metal" frame like that offered by RIA but I didn't want to spend so much for a plinker gun.

I got my FOID card in yesterday, so I'll head over to a nearby range tomorrow and ask them a few questions, try out a few guns, and see if we can get one of these ordered.
Always a good idea to rent a few different models prior to the official purchase--I have been renting the M&P 22 and it's "growing on me" if you will. Maybe Santa has something in mind...?

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