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muzzleloader newbie which one?

I skimmed through most of everybodies replies but I think more info from you would be helpful.
What type of game so you expect to hunt with it and what type of terrain?
Then do you want to stay with the traditional design or a sidelock percussion
or do you want the modern inline using the 209 shotgun shell primers?
Thompson and CVA and numerous others all make excellent quality inlines.
Lyman and I think Thompson still make quality traditional style.
Like the movie Jeremiah Johnson with Robert Redford.
I have been fun shooting and hunting shooting Black Powder regularly since the late 1970's.
I still have my "modern" guns, but rarely shoot them. I get a bigger thril with Black Powder, knowing I only got one shot, I must get closer, and be more accurate in my shot placement.
Most would agree the .50 cal is a good all around black powder.
For a little more oomph consider the .54 cal.
The long barrel 30 to 34 inch on average will produce slightly more velocity and accuracy.
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