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50 shots at 100 yards. Three 3 shot groups at 3/8 of an inch. Plenty of 1/3, 3/4 s shot groups and some 1 to 1 1/2 inch groups (3 or more). Also a lot of bad shooting on my part.

Overall, pleased. Results reflective of having removed the scope mount during the shimming of the gas system and therefore having to go through re-sighting in.

So now, basically I have taken a gun that used to shoot a lot better than I could shoot, and ive turned up up from 10 to 11. I need a lot more range time to step up to the level this gun is capable of.

Regarding the cheek piece, it REALLY helped get me on scope. One issue, which would not come up hunting, but surfaced over 50 shots - it did move. So there's not going to be any substitute to actually scewing it to the stock to prevent this. A project for next weekend.

Regarding the ammunition. Several failrues to eject - symptomatic of loading at starting load (44 grains) of Varget for 150 grain projectile. I will make a batch at 45 and a batch at 46 grains and see how they run. Have to go back to the range 1 more time in the next 2 weeks w the ammo I'm hunting with and will trial these load variations as well as the impact of screwing down the cheekpiece.
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