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All this speculation and personal opinons and yet nobody has posted any documentation.
Because it does not exist.

If you want official documents on any such incident you should be prepared to obtain court orders for hospital and police reports, or decisions by the court.
Horsepucky! The VAST majority of court decisions are public record and are searchable by attorneys through a variety of databases. Police records likewise are public record. Hospitals classify their gunshot victims injuries and that is also public record, just not on a specific patient.

I've worked for several attorneys who had cases they asked me to evaluate the cause of an "unintended discharge". Several of them horrific and several with fatalities. I've been hired to work on numerous cases over the years for Plaintiffs, Defendants and Prosecutors and have been qualified in Local, State and Federal courts. I've sat across the table from engineers and technicians (with hoovering attorneys) for severeal noteable firearms manufacturer's that had been named in litigation while conducting evalaution of firearms invovled in these accidents.

The website that Rainbow Demon posted does not provide documention, but inflamation. The primary forensic "expert" against Remington was summarily discredited BTW. Some plaintiff attorneys put up this kind of information in an effort to create "documentation" in hopes that Judges will allow it and jurys will beleive it, but there is no scientific merit to that website. Federal Judges will usually not allow this kind of information into court.

When people get called to put up the documentation, over and over for the past 20 some odd years on hundreds of website discussions on the topic...they can not do it.

Bottom line, maintain your firearms and obey the 4 laws of gun safety and there will be no need for this discussion related to your actions.
Good Shooting, MarkCO
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