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Hey Golfnut,

Do not buy the L&L AP because you get some free bullets. That is a big mistake. Those free bullets will soon be gone, but your press will be there for the rest of your life. If you find out you do not like the press, those free bullets will be long forgotten while you continue to work with something that does not suit you. If you do find the L&L AP is the right press for you, then think of the free bullets as icing on the cake - but do not let the free bullets make your decision for you.

As to Powder Cop and Lockout dies, I simply have no need for them. The same is true for case feeders and bullet feeders. Starting with case and bullet feeders, to my mine, they simply do not add much to the progressive process. When you think about it, the whole idea of producing one finished round with each cycle of the handle, is what really speeds up the whole reloading process. That is truly an amazing accomplishment. Adding case and bullet feeders does not really do anything near as much for progressive throughput. In fact, they add a lot to the set up time as well as more things to give you problems.

Even if it worked flawlessly, you could not give me a case feeder. They make too much noise for me, and they do not speed up my loading cases by hand. I also do not want a bullet feeder. I like placing each bullet in the case mouth just after I visually inspect the case to insure it has powder. I use my case activated powder measure which is very accurate, and I visually inspect the powder level in each case after it is charged and at the same time I am placing a bullet in the case mouth.

All of this means I have no need for a device to see whether or not a case received a powder charge. I use my eyes to see it for myslef.

Best wishes,
Dave Wile
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