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Originally Posted by shurshot View Post
"Why doesn't the US military use Glocks?"(OP).

Perhaps our Military leaders don't drink kool-aid.

Seriously though, RICKB had it right... "Because the U.S. government has no interest in basing missiles in Austria?"

Politics had more to do with the M-9 being chosen than most realize. The Beretta is a good gun, so was / is the Sig, Ruger & S&W that were considered. Politics.

If common sense was involved, Colt would have been contracted to produce new .45 ACP 1911A1's.....
+1 it's all about business. Unfortunately. Also.... And this is just a guess too. It's probably cheaper to supply the US military and their sidearms with 9mm than it is for .45. That goes without saying. That too could have played a factor in the purchasing of the M9.

Another thing, most soldiers don't even have a sidearm btw. 03-11 veteran. Never had a sidearm. My best friend.

I think it just depends. Most military personnel I know never had a sidearm.
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