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WWP helps wounded vets. It's an organization like any other that doesn't and won't take gun-related associations (ask the American Cancer Society or the United Way if they will put a gun-related logo, pro or con, on any of their communications), which I wholeheartedly support.

They have expressed nothing that I take to mean they are against me as a gun supporter, they wish to connect with me on another issue which is the entire point of their mission: helping wounded veterans, and that's fine with me. They and I share that issue while we don't share a serious interest in guns; that's me and not them.

IMHO, for an organization to be branded as anti-gun, they have to do more than demonstrate no interest in guns, they need to turn on us with more negative intent than just not joining us. WWP hasn't done that. Like most if not all of the businesses, charities and organizations I am involved with haven't mentioned guns either.

If I see an anti-gun connection on an organization, then I'm gone, but no gun connection of any sort is okay with me. They don't have to like pepperoni on their pizza either, to mention another opinion that has virtually no bearing on whether we connect or we don't.

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