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How many folks here from the Dallas area?

I’m looking for folks in or near the Dallas TX area.
The intent of the group is to take the high cost of tactical training out of the hands of shooting ranges and schools and take control of costs.
While I do not mean to slight instructors, I do whole heartedly believe in capitalism and market driven pricing. I seek 10-15 folks (assuming everyone won’t make every training) and find a good Tactical Instructor (there are many with vet’s returning home) that love to teach and did so some where, and will give us good training for a decent day rate.
10 guys paying $50 is $500 for a day’s work if we all pay our own range fees and provide a classroom (I can do this). This could work very well for a group that is willing to commit to on going training. Rather than the instructor making $1250 per class, we offer three days of students for a reduced rate etc.
I already have an extremely well qualified and incredibly talented Army sniper trainer for those looking for long range shooting skills. He served in Iraq and Afghanistan and taught for years. VERY professional guy. Similar long range shooting classes go for hundreds of dollars for each student. At one range the cost was $500 per head.
For those interested in forming a group to train together at a good price please me at elliscountypreppers [at] email [dot] com
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