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Sell a gun because I do not reload for that caliber?
I might do this.
I have a Winchester 94AE Trapper in 44 Mag / 44 Special. The ammo is too expensive and I rarely ever shoot this rifle. I don't hunt, so this is just a range rifle for me, and the 44 Magnums are too much recoil pounding my shoulder to make it fun to shoot more than 20 or 25, and the 44 Specials are too light to be much fun. So, I really don't shoot it much. If I were to reload for this caliber, I'd make cooler, lower pressure magnums or hotter, higher pressure specials. I've got tons of once-fired brass for 44 Mag and 44 Special. But I have no plans to reload this caliber. I mostly reload 9 mm, and already have the stuff to reload 38 and 357 Magnum. I am gearing up to reload 223. I would be years away from reloading 44's if I was ever to do it at all, and really I have no need to reload that caliber. I can have all the lever rifle fun I want with customized 38 and 357 loads for the carbine and Trapper's in that caliber.

So, to make a long story longer, after owning this rifle for several years, I am about ready to try to sell it. I don't have any handguns in 44 and I do not really want any. My rule of life is not to sell or trade away any working firearm, particularly those that have a personal defense or home defense applicability. For me, the 44 is really for entertainment (I said, "for me") and so my rule of life really does not apply. I thought about getting one of those XS Lever Scout Scope rails and putting a red dot sight on it and making it a sort of "44 Tactical Trapper," but I keep thinking, "why bother?" I still will be paying 40 cents or more every time I pull the trigger.

For now, I guess I will keep the brass and the rifle, and I've got a 1,000 rounds of 44 Special cowboy ammo so maybe if I ever accomplish my goal of getting about 2 years ahead of myself in terms of 9 mm loading, I can think about playing around with some 44 loading.
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