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I'm not real well informed,but I get the idea "Wilson" name covers a number of lines.

I bought one of the Brownells contoured Mauser replacement barrels long ago for,IIRC,less than $200,and I think it was less than $150,threaded and short chambered.I got what I paid for.It had some accuracy and metal fouling issues.I looked in the muzzle with magnification and I could see the steel had a smeared cheese look to it.There was some galling as the button went through.I used some cast 30-30 bullets and #9 mold polishing diamond compound to fire lap it.Then the darn thing started shooting less than 3 in at 300 yds.

But,I think I paid $139...threaded and chambered.That just won't buy a top line barrel.I got what I paid for.It worked out.

At about the same time,I talked with a tech rep for Hogdon or Nosler,they said they used Wilson test barrels for accuracy testing.

When I talked with White Oak Armament about an upper for an AR,I asked,and was told,Wilson blanks were used.(at least at the time that I talked with them.I do not intend to speak for WOA,best to contact them for current info)WOA has a very good rep and folks shooting WOA rifles bring home championship trophies.

I have used some Badger barrels and they certainly made a fine barrel.Badger was aquired by Wilson Defense.I do not know how that works out,but it could be some "Wilson" barrels would be made by the old Badger.

I would keep my expectations reasonable on a bargain priced barrel,but at the same time if a very successful outfit like WOA uses Wilson barrels I would let the results speak.
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