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I purchased mine about 8 months ago. I got real busy and had some family issues to deal with so I could not devote time to setting it up properly. When I did get time I went one step at a time and read everything and cleaned everything just like the instructions state.

At first I was disappointed with the primer feeding. Then I did all of the tricks mentioned on here - powder was one problem and I had to adjust a pawl that was pretty easy. Now it runs like a clock. Just do not expect it to work perfectly right out of the box. It takes some setting up.

A few things I really like are the five stations. I do have a RCBS powder lock out die, an aftermarket case expander (highly recommend) and I went with the precision powder measure inset for weights under 4.0 grains. It throws consistent charges and turns out good and consistent ammo.

I don't find changing calibers to be that big of a deal. Pop our the dies and pop in the new ones, calibrate both the powder die and powder drop/expander and you are set. Going from large to small or the other way does take more time of course.

I also do not have the case feeder. I think you will be happy with it IF you are willing to spend the time to learn it mechanically. Good luck
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