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Thanks for all the speedy replies. To those that did not like my statement about the police stopping someone at least for a permit. I come from the wonderful South-west suburbs of Chicago. We are not allowed to carry anything. I have no idea what it is like; thus the questions. I appreciate the input. I guess I won't understand the culture without doing it. I am used to being questioned about everything. And you better comply or you will be on the ground. Those Philly cops are just like most of them around Chicago. That is why the video rang so true.

In my original post I said
I believe the police should question someone at least for a carry permit, but it seems like the second officer had stopped this guy before. PD were just messing with him because they want him to comply with their beliefs and not allow him to do want he wants as the state law says he has the option to do reference open carry.
I am basing that off of my previous interactions and witnessing others police interactions here in IL. I guess I should have asked if the video was similar police interactions with other OCers in different areas of the USA.

Thanks again for your input and sorry I missed this in the other forum section.

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