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Originally Posted by Keepin Jeepin
Am I wrong? Does anyone else think like me?
You haven't told us everything. Do you keep these guns with a round in the chamber, or with the chamber empty?

Reportedly, the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) thinks like you. The story I've been given, from multiple sources (some of which might even be reliable) is that IDF agents may be called upon to carry and use any of a variety of handguns. Since, as in your case, the guns aren't all laid out the same, in order to train to a consistent manual of arms they carry with no safety, and no round in the chamber. It is from this that the term "Israeli draw" derives -- they train to draw and rack the slide while presenting the firearm. Supposedly, most of their agents can execute an Israeli draw faster than most people can draw a 1911 in Condition 1 and swipe off the thumb safety.

However ... I have an intuition that you are keeping one in the chamber, which I would consider to be dangerous and ill-advised.

As for me -- there's a reason I only carry 1911s.

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