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Regarding case cleaning . I find it so much easier to clean a large amount in a 3 to 5 gallon bucket. About a 3 or 4 inch layer of 9mm cases at the bottom of the bucket. I add warm water, dish washing liquid, a dash vinegar and a sprinkle of salt . Shake it up well with the cover on for a few minutes (3 or 4 min) . I rinse very well , multiple times, until there is no sign of suds. Someone on the forum suggested usiing baking soda to neutralize the acidic vinegar. It sounds good and made sense though I had no ill affects just rinsing well . I'll probably give it a go on the next batch. The reults are great , they come out clean, and I can get alot cleaned in one shot. The whole process take about 15 minutes. I drain them well and lay them out on a towel to dry the rest of the way. They will be dry in a day give or take. It depends on where you lay them , in the sun, in the warm house , etc. I have not used a shaker to clean brass but I can say that this works great for me. I use the same Cabelas as you. Now I know why I can't find any small pistol primers. LOL ! ! They always seem to be out of them. I have found a lgs that had some. I left the loading information to the experts here. I load 9mm , 115 grain lead round nose , using win 231 at 4.5 grains , at an oal if 1.105. I'm still experimenting with my oal. Ruger Sr9c pistol. Good luck and enjoy .
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