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Here's your answer - if in fact that is what your choke is ...from their website.....



Designed to control (10,12 and 20 gauge) buckshot loads with more consistency than ever before.

"BuckKicker"chokes are available in three constrictions to accommodate buckshot sizes from.000 to #4 buck.

Chokes are manufactured from 17-4PH stainless steel and come with a matte-black finish.

"BuckKicker" chokes are available for most 10,12 and 20 gauge models. "BuckKicker" chokes can also be used
for upland game whenever a full choke is desired.

Not for use with steel shot. With the right match of choke to your gun, consistent patterns inside a 20" circle
at 40 yards can be achieved.

Light Full–000 Buckshot

Full–Best all-around 00 Buckshot

Xfull–2 3/4 or 3" 00 Buckshot–#1 & #4 Buckshot
I have no personal experience with the company ...but it was easy to find with a search...
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