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I remember seeing the heavy M16 firing pins, but never in any issue rifles. I quit shooting High Power competition before they came onto the scene, and in those days, we used the free ball ammo for 200 yards, and saved the M118 Lake City stuff for 300 and 600 yards. Then, the trend was to pull the 173 grain bullets and reload the cases with Sierra Matchkings and the same powder charge. We shot the M14s with the selector lock silver-soldered in. On loan, we had to give'em up if we pulled out. Mine was a Winchester. Damn good rifle.

I started reloading the LC Match brass with the Matchkings and 42.5 grains IMR 4895 and CCI primers...because we understood from the light primer dents what could happen with more touchy primers.

Shortly after that, my eyes started to go south and I gave it up...around 1983. Too much time and money spent just to burn up ammo. I stayed in it at a local club for a time. With only 200 yards available, I figured I could make a decent showing with a Garand and the giveaway ammo...and we got to keep the clips.

If the new shooters are getting slam fires that often, it might be time to reconsider their choice of primers. Any slight advantage with soft primers ain't worth the risk. I know that I'd much rather shoot Maggie's Bloomers all day than hurt anybody. Unless they've stopped production, CCI markets tougher Mil-Spec primers expressly for the slam-bang gas rifles.
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