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Military to suppress Tea Party uprising - article

As the title implies, the writer examines two authors who have written about a theoretical scenario in which Tea Party militias instigate an armed uprising.

The writer explains that the authors try to grasp how feasible this scenario is and whether or not a government reaction would make things better or worse.

I did not bring this up to discuss rebellion or tactics of this nature. I bring this to your attention because I find it to be an unbelievably irresponsible piece of so-called "journalism". I've only read Forbes a few times for articles I've found relating to my line of work, but I honestly cannot believe this adolescent tripe is even considered worthy, let alone allowed in print.

Maybe this is an aspect of American journalism I'm not aware of. I realize the freedom of speech issues here, and I'm not aware of Forbes political leanings enough.

Your thoughts?
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