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Zombiemax on deer

Dont know if I'm the only one that was extremely curious how these bullets would react on deer, but I went and did it this morning.

I bought a box of it just to see how it would group out of my M1a and it shot very tight groups (right at 1") and shot to the same poi as federal premium 165 grain Sierra game king.

Anyways, shot one doe at 50 yards with the federal. Then I shot one at 10 yards with the Zombiemax which are 168 grains. Both were quartering away slightly and both were hit in the same spot, towards the back of the ribs.

Results: federal had about a 1 1/2" exit wound. Zombiemax had about a 3/4" exit wound. Not really what I was expecting. Both shots hit ribs going in and I expected the Zombiemax to blow apart if it hit bone.

I just figured I'd post about this as some of y'all might be as curious as I was. Hornady doesn't say anywhere that I can find if these are suitable for deer, but I can say with assurance they are in my book although ill probably stick with the federals.
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