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That's the thing about "gunsmithing" - the term encompasses so much that it is impossible to say "you will do X in your shop."

For a shop that works on Colt revolvers and fine old double guns (where many of the parts were made by hand in the first place, and then fitted by hand), the watchmaker's skills will trump those of a guy who is a hot production machinist.

If you're in a shop that cranks out custom rifle metalwork, the machinist types will excel. At the Guild level, there will be metalworkers, stock makers and then engravers who are all putting time in on a high-end custom gun.

If you're in a shop that does clean/repair/replace jobs as their primary service, the guys who are armorers will be the ones who can bring in the money. Getting in and out of a gun in the least amount of time possible and getting the gun back to spec for a fixed price can be very lucrative.

There's no single approach to gunsmithing, and anyone who claims they know everything or can do anything on any gun competently is simply full of crap.
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