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Your desired pistol (75b) and intended use (woods gun/hogs) dont really line up very well.
I'd say the 40 version is the right call, but be sure to get quality ammo for hog use (perhaps Buffalo Bore hard-cast?)

I'd offer an alternative though... The Glock 21:
- Loaded up with 13+1 of 45acp it will be roughly the same weight as a all-steel CZ.
- It can be loaded with much more hog-effective 45acp+p ammo.
- Its recoil on 45+p will feel about the same as the 75b on 40s&w.
- In just seconds it can convert to a 10mm with a aftermarket barrel and a magazine from the Glock 20 (15+1), even better for hogs.

The G21 10mm conversion is not perfect due to the slide being a little lighter and the extractor is a little different on the G20, but used this way as a low volume woods gun it'll be fine.
For the money, a 10mm Glock is about as good as auto-loaders get for the woods.

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