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evolution of the form...

MJ1 - very wise...

Actually I found that i wasnt happy w the cheekpiece I had. Basically, a) it wasn't putting eye right on the scope without paralax because it wasnt raising high enough, and b) it didnt fill the entire leather piece, and c) it therefore was possible to make it move.

Here is the latest version. I used paper to make a template from the leather piece, and measured more carefully to project what height would put eye on the scope.

When I put this one on, now if fills the leather piece from front to rear, and its the right height. One issue though is the leather was no longer able to fasten, or if it did, the leather strings would be on wood, and that wouldn't be stable as they'd move too easily. So you can see in the lower part of this picture that I modified the leather cheeek piece. I bought a bag of leather remnants to use for knife scabbards, and found a piece that was a pretty good match, then sewed it to the leather using an awl.

You can see the new piece from this side. Next time I am going to take the leather off, I will trim it down a little better. Also when I put weather protection on it, the leather darkened, but its not an unpleasant color combo. FYI to anyone doing this, you can get the awl, the leather remnants, and huge lengths of leather to stitch with at Hobby Town. Also buy a crochet needle if you can stand to go to the yarn department. The little hooks on the ends of these needles help to grab the leather string and pull it very taught. This is key to keeping the whole wood and leather cheekpiece combination from moving.

MJ1, you can also see in this shot I profiled the wood to follow the curve of the leatherpiece - its almost perfect.

Headed to the range in about an hour. WIll be trialing this new cheekpiece plus Sadlak National Match gaspiston, Sadlak National Match Guide rod, and shimmed gas cylinder. Will be shooting these hand loads: 150 gr Hornady BTSP powered by Varget and Winchester primers.

After sighting in am hoping the cheekpiece brings consistency, and the other parts help me better previous best performacne of 4 shots in 3/4 inch group. Will update how it goes
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