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Originally Posted by jlove1974
But the cap and ball revolver has killed alot of men in the civil war, but I don't see alot of military and LEOs carrying it anymore. I think they were both designed around the same time, right?
The cap and ball revolver can still do the job and there are lot of them in use in the Cowboy game. Actually, the Model 1860 was trotted out in ... wait for it... 1860.

The first successful jacketed bullet is credited to a Swiss officer, Eduard Rubin, in 1882, over two decades after the Model 1860.

The Remington Core-Lokt, as far as I can tell, was introduced right after WWII, sometime during the 1940s.

I agree that there are better bullets nowadays than the standard Core-Lokt, but deer aren't any tougher than they were 70 years ago. It's interesting that you should mention cap-and-ball, because I regularly hunt with a cap-and-ball rifle. I use a patched round ball, which is pre civil war, and it kills deer just fine. The last one I shot with it simply fell over, a bang-flop. I didn't recover the ball, but I wouldn't think that it expanded. It entered at the base of her neck just above the brisket, glanced off the spine, destroyed the right lung, then traveled through the paunch, broke her hip and went whistling off thru the pines after exiting her left ham. I shot thru the length of her and that was with a soft lead ball. Virtually no BC, slow velocity, and I doubt it expanded at all. Still, she was just as dead as if I'd hit her with the newest wonder-bullet. The modern percussion cap was introduced in 1839, so I killed that deer with 1840s technology. It worked just fine.
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