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I have progressively moved back to 9mm over the last couple of years myself. I just came to the realization that to me the .40 just didnt offer enough advantages to justify the extra cost, recoil, ..etc... Its a good round but so is the 9mm and with less cost and recoil. That said that is just for target shooting and if I ever had to protect myself or my family from 2 legged threats not big hogs. I carry a G29 when I am in the woods and main reason I went with it as my woods guns were the likely chance I would run across wild hogs. I have seen big hogs shot with a .44 magnum and still be able to tree the shooter. Do yourself a fvor and go bigger then 9mm or .40 if you are going to be dealing with a dangerous animal that can injure you badly very quick. A 9mm can kill a hog sure but it doesnt bring enough fast damage to the table to quickly handle that problem. All this is IMO of course.
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