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Pfletch83: You are stepping over the line here.

Klawman and I had some heated disagreement too, but I also know it takes a bigger man to state what he did. He didn't lie about or sugarcoat his experience. His statements and beliefs are borne from HIS personal experience; my statements are borne from mine.

Unless you know the circumstances or have been in a SHTF situation yourself you may wish to tone it down and drop the neener neener attitude. It seriously lessens your credibility and makes you come off as a mall ninja, tactical Tommy, or armchair commando.

There are plenty of documented cases where LEO's have pumped dozens of rounds out at close to contact distances and missed a whole bunch. It happens when you get the adrenaline dump. Unless you have been on the business end of deadly force you may wish to moderate your comments. Otherwise, feel free to share YOUR experience with us.

Edit to add: Up Close Gunfight. It may be handguns but goes to the point.

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