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Posted by jnichols2: The day time scenario you bring up is the hardest to prepare for due to the endless number of variables.
Yes, it is.

Through 83 posts the concept has been a night time entry while you are sleeping.
But most break-ins do occur during the day. It is usually said that the perps do that because they want to come and go while no one is home, but a plurality--no, a majority--of the burglaries of occupied homes in our county have been occurring during the day.

And there are almost always more than one.

You almost have to either keep large dogs or keep a gun on your person all the time.
I have been doing the latter for several years now. I do not expect trouble, ever, but there is no reason to expect that if it should occur, it will happen when we are in the bedroom, or even able to get to the bedroom.
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