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A public caning of the vermin if caught was exactly what I suggested to the officer who filed the police report. He did not think that would be allowed or that it was likely they would be identified. He was not opposed in principle though.
...and he(officer) would be right.

This would not be allowed due to a history of 'compromise's' or 'common sense regulations' that have been usually lobbied for by some liberal organization and put into place by some liberal minded Supreme Court judge over the years to protect the rights of the criminal. Sadly, today, in many states the criminal seems to have as many rights as the victim.

Catch a criminal in the act of breaking into your house and hurt him physically, you very well may end up in civil court being sued for physical damages to him and paying the perp the rest of his life. Even after he was found guilty of breaking into your house in criminal court.
Again, the direct results of so called compromise to laws that are intended to make us a more 'civilized' society but do nothing but cater to the rights of a criminal.

If that the result of 'compromise' or 'common sense regulations' of laws for the supposed purpose of a more civilized society, count me out....

....and you've got the audacity to ask me to even consider the thought of making deals with my RKBA Constitutional rights? Please!

I need more coffee ,

Rant over.
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