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Sharpshooter on the first try is actually very good.
Stay interested and you will surely get better.

You can practice the draw and reload dryfire at home.
You can also practice use of cover at home. Snapping in on the villans on tv around the doorframe or kneeling behind the recliner will get you funny looks from the family but will help your development.

Especially, practice drawing from concealment dryfire and learn a method so you won't get tangled up with a loaded gun and a timer running.

On the range, practice the basics and also learn to shoot on the move. The Classifier has a little advance and retreat but scenario stages will have it more often. Lateral movement is harder and not on the Classifier at all.

Your slowfire background will help when you start running into partial targets shielded by hard cover or non-threats. Slow down a bit and make the harder shot.

You should not have to look at your belt to find your reload magazine and on the Tac Load, the partial should go in a pocket instead of back in the pouch. (Also, a habit of putting depleted magazines in the pouch will eventually bite you in the butt when you go to reload and find you have three shots available instead of ten.)

Get in a regulation club and attend regulation matches. That will show you what you need to practice and will encourage you to perform to IDPA rules and policy. Too much casual shooting and "-style" shooting will form habits harmful to your scores.
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