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My trip with the Glock 21 has been a bit... turbulent... I guess you could say.

An old gen 3 Glock 21 was the first gun I ever bought. It came in the old tupperware style box and I bought it used from a private party locally. I never had the intention of getting into guns. I wasn't around them much when I was growing up... I always had a passion for knives of all kinds.

I had an...incident...with some guy in a pickup truck road raging against me on my motorcycle and that's when I decided I needed a gun for protection.... that was it.

So I got that old Glock 21. It was a big beast and I really tried to like it, but the grip was just always so huge in my hand. I could hold it fine, but when it came to shooting it just seemed to move around a bit too much for me. I ended up trading it for a like new in box G23...which I did hang on to for a while.

I always liked the idea of the G21 though and when the SF models came out I picked up one of those. I held on to that one for a bit longer. Added night sights, did a trigger job... shot it a good bit. I still just couldn't quite get the grip I liked on it and I ended up trading it for an XDM45 when they first came out.

Then the Gen 4s came out.... I got the G23 first and I liked it a lot. I loved the new texture. It just seems to lock into my hand so much better. I ended up trading that for then gen 4 19 - but that's another story. I've move away from .40 glock entirely now. As soon as the gen 4 G21's came out, I stopped by Glockmeister to see how it felt in my hand...

Finally. The perfect grip I've always wanted in the G21. I know they say the gen4 and the SF are the same size... but something about it just feels smaller in my hands. I think it's the grip texture that locks it in. Surprisingly, it also had a very good factory trigger... and I ALWAYS do trigger jobs on my Glocks. I tried to add my usual ghost rocket and titanium firing pin block to this G21 and I didn't like the way it felt. After putting about 1k rounds through this one with the factory trigger, it's one of my best glock triggers. I think I just got lucky... but it's great.

The only upgrades I've done are night sights and the extended slide stop. I've got about 2k rounds through this thing now and it's been absolutely perfect. It has become my favorite glock with my 19 a fairly close, but clearly separate 2nd place.

Currently, I'm looking into getting the 10mm conversion barrel for when I go up hiking in northern AZ. I'm considering just getting the gen 4 G20 when it comes out... but I like the trigger on my 21 so much that I'd like to keep it the same gun and just swap barrels... we'll see how that one works out.

But yes! Glock 21 for the win!
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