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Kraigwy, I'll have check but I believe the hornady wind drift table showed a 1" drift in a 10mph wind with that bc and MV? They don't list other wind speeds, hence the question and I think the closest bc was .240. The edition is pretty old, are you sure about those values?
No, I'm not sure of the numbers. All I did was put the OPs data in Berger's Ballistic Program, without changing the default numbers except changing the wind value from 5 to 10 to 15 MPHs.

The chances of the results coming out the same for every location is slim, but the overall results of drift per MPH would be linear.

But this is on paper, none of this would show up in real life. For example, altitude is different, humidity is different and wind is seldom constant across the range.

Also a perfect lined up (not canted) scope and the shooter not canting the rifle is rare. That's why we have different zeros for different ranges.

As you move out (distance wise) the arc of the bullet is higher, and the wind will be different at the top of the arc compared to eye level.

Too many variables to give a correct answer.

Thats why BC programs are guides. They get you close but nothing beats actual shooting to see what happens.
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