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Posted by Nnobby45: Don't mean to be simplistic, but if my family is asleep upstairs, I don't want Bubba and his friends up there.
Most of us don't want him in the house at all, and the laws in most states recognize the danger in his being there.

Bubba will never be so vulnerable as coming up those stairs.
How vulnerable he is is just part of the question. The other part is how vulnerable you are.

All experts I know of recommend defending from a safe room.

Obviously, not all situations involve protecting the stairs.
Right. And I have no need to protect the stairs, anyway.

The circumstances will dictate what needs to be done.
Right. The problem is, he and his accomplices may well well enter, very suddenly and with force, when the family is not asleep upstairs. That's the scenario to be prepared for.
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